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Taxes & Assessment

Taxation Information

On May 7, 2024  Council passed Bylaw FIN-03-2024 which sets the taxation rates for 2024.

Town of Redwater Tax Bylaw FIN-03-2024

2024 Tax Information Brochure

Municipalities are required by legislation to bill and collect Education and Seniors Foundation taxes on behalf of the Province of Alberta.  The Town of Redwater has no control over establishing these tax rates and the taxes collected simply flow through the Town to the Province.

All residential and non-residential property owners pay Education and Seniors Foundation taxes, including people without children and senior citizens.  Eligible senior citizens may apply for the Alberta Seniors Benefit program, which is intended to assist with the payment of property taxes.

Alberta Senior's Benefit Program
Senior's Property Tax Deferral Program

Questions related to the Alberta Senior's Benefit program and eligibility should be directed to the Government of Alberta at 1-877-644-9992.  Questions regarding Provincial Education Property Taxes should be directed to the Alberta Education Property Tax information line at (780) 422-7125.

The 2024 Combined Assessment and Tax Notice will be mailed out on May 23, 2024.

Taxes can be paid at the town office with debit, cheque or cash, through your online banking as Town of Redwater Taxes (set up using your roll number as account number - 8 digits) and through credit card using paysimply as a 3rd party billing system (a fee will apply).  

Paysimply offers you the ability to pay your town taxes and utilities with your credit card.   Follow the links below to access the Paysimply site. 

*Please note that convenience fees will apply.     

Taxes are due June 30, 2024.

Tax Payment Utility Payment

2024 Assessment Roll 

The 2024 Combined Assessment and Tax Notices will be mailed on May 23, 2024.

If you do not receive your notice, please contact the Town of Redwater without delay. Failure to receive a tax notice or loss of a tax notice will not be accepted as a reason for late payment.

If paying by mail; your envelope must be stamped with a Canada Post date stamp of no later than the due date to avoid penalties (please enclose the remittance portion of the notice with your payment).

Municipal Affairs provides a number of online information guides designed to explain the assessment, taxation and appeal process.

For residents considering filing a property assessment complaint, the Capital Region Assessment Services Commission provides additional information about filing a complaint and the complaint process.

Assessment Review Complaint Package

If you intend to file an assessment complaint, the deadline for filing is July 31, 2024; however, your taxes are still due and must be paid by June 30, 2024 to avoid a penalty.

If you wish to register for the pre-authorized payment plan, the pre-authorized payment agreement must be completed and returned to the office by January 15th.

Automatic withdrawals will be taken from your account on the 20th of each month or the next business day. In order to register for the program taxes must be paid in full for the current tax year.

Property Tax Installment Payment Plan

Pre-authorized Payment Agreement

Cancellation of Pre-authorized Payment Plan

Requests for tax searches and certificates must be faxed  to the Town Office on your company letterhead accompanied with proof of payment. 

Fax Number 780-942-4321 

Tax searches are $15.00 and tax certificates are $30.00. 

Searches will typically be faxed back and certificates will be faxed and mailed unless requested otherwise.

Tax certificates and Searches can also be emailed on request.