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Alberta's Iron Horse Trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail and offers 300 km's of trail ranging from boreal forest, to parkland, to farmland.

Wildlife, scenery, historic buildings and farmsteads will give you a glimpse of the rich tapestry that is Northeastern Alberta.

Be prepared, bear, moose, deer, coyotes, badgers and other wildlife can be spotted along the trail.

A variety of users include hikers, cyclists, horseback riders, wagoneers, ATV and snowmobiles. dirt bikes allowed on the trail.

Alberta's Iron Horse Trail is a work in progress, voluntary trail passes help support our recreation corridor. They can be purchased at any "Trail Friendly" business.

The trail is proudly sponsored and supported by: Travel Alberta, Trans Canada Trail, Alberta Trailnet, Riverland Recreational Trail Society, Alberta's Lakeland Tourism and numerous staff and countless volunteers.