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Power services are provided by Fortis. As an electricity provider, Fortis does the following:

  • Performs 24 hour outage repair and emergency response
  • Builds, maintains, and upgrades power lines and facilities
  • Installs and reads meters
  • Provides consumption data to retailers (who bill customers)
  • Promotes electrical safety education in our communities

Unplanned Power Outages: Customers are asked to call 310-WIRE (9473) or visit to report an outage or an electrical emergency. It is crucial that customers report all unplanned outages immediately so that the situation can be resolved. When there is an extensive outage situation, additional resources can be contacted to assist as needed.

Planned Power Outages: As part of Fortis’ commitment to provide the highest quality and reliable service, FortisAlberta performs regular maintenance upgrades and activities. This type of work prevents more extensive and unplanned outages in the future. Sometimes maintenance work requires planned power outages to ensure the safety of employees and the public. These service interruptions involve extensive planning.

If you are experiencing power disruptions and Fortis has not contacted you, please contact 310-WIRE (9473).